terracult green
terracult green

Peat Moss
Torba di sfagno
Tourbe blonde
Turba rubia

terracult blue
terracult blue

Substrat de culture

terracult yellow
terracult yellow

Coco Peat

terracult brown
terracult brown

Coco Growing Media



Welcome to terracult - your professional partner for peat, coir and substrates

Check out our website for all questions related to peat and peat substrates, their use or individual processing. Our international visitors can also take advantage of the comprehensive consulting services by our local partners.

NEW: terracult coco substrates from our production facility in India.

In addition to sphagnum peat, coconut is one of the world's most important raw materials for horticultural substrates. Under the brand name "terracult Coco Growing Media" we supply a wide range in 200 L bales and big bales. Peat and coco substrates are available from us in many structures, compositions and delivery sizes.

Through our additional production site in South India, our Asian, Arab, African and Southern European markets in particular are benefiting in part from significant savings in transportation costs.

Please contact terracult about the possibilities of a distribution partnership.